Home Remedies for Body Aches – Top 5 Techniques to check

Home Remedies for Body Aches

We all know that body ache can be discomforting as well as tiring. Spending a significant amount of time at office sitting through the list of tasks can cause body aches that could be temporary as well as permanent in certain cases. With body ache ailing you every now and then, even the smallest tasks become hard to accomplish such as getting up from bed, climbing stairs, or picking up something from the floor.

Home Remedies for Body Aches

While medications such as Combiflam work for the treatment of pain from the body aches, opting for home remedies can effectively accelerate the procedure and provide a quicker relief.

Let’s take a look at the natural remedies that can help you heal from the inside.

1-Apple Cider Vinegar:

Most of the cases seen for body ache come along with inflammation. This is actually the body’s way to show that something isn’t normal. Opting for the use of Apple Cider Vinegar provides your body with enhanced antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help your body deal with the pain by bringing down the inflammation in the area affected. You can either consume it orally by adding it to warm water or opt to bathe in water and soak in the benefits through skin.


Turmeric is known to be a renowned painkiller which is recognized all over the world for its beneficial properties. The best way to consume turmeric to gain the anti-inflammatory features it holds is to pair it with some warm milk. This particular spice has been known to relieve any kind of heartburn, inflammation, and arthritis pain. In certain cases, body ache can also come along with high fever. In order to decrease the pain and fever, Crocin Advance can be very helpful. You can also consume this medicine with turmeric and milk.

3-Mustard Oil:

Mustard oil has been used for years given the fact that it provides ample heat to the body and brings down the pain and inflammation. It is especially beneficial for the joint pain. It is also great for boosting the blood flow inside the skin’s surface while accelerating the healing process. This works much better if you add some chopped garlic cloves and heat the oil in low flame. Now apply this warm oil over the affected area and repeat it at least 2 times in a day.


Our body requires a good amount of potassium which is good for healthy and strong muscles. The best option when it comes for acquiring a substantial amount of potassium is banana. This fruit is best for fatigue and cramps while treating the muscle weakness. You can either eat it as it is or prepare a tasty glass of the banana shake for breakfast and eliminate that lingering pain.


Ginger houses the perfect phytochemistry that comes with numerous benefits for better health. It also houses analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which is highly beneficial for the patients trying to get rid of frequent joint or body pain. You can eat small sections of ginger every now and then or incorporate it with your daily diet.



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