Diet lifestyle.  We will talk about diet and lifestyleSpending time and effort in the gym only accounts for a small portion of how you see results. Working out is great, but if your diet is suffering and you live out bad habits, then consider all the sweat time wasted. In order to see results, you need to not only have a regular workout routine but also have a proper diet and live a positive lifestyle.

diet lifestyle
diet lifestyle

Discovering a Healthy Diet

This is one of the hardest components to keep up on your journey to a strong, healthy body. Paying attention to what you consume while also avoiding addictive-like cravings will help maximize your results at the job. Baby steps though. It takes dedication and patience to redesign your diet.

Find a journal that you will designate as your food journal. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just something that you can use conveniently. Write down everything you eat. You don’t need to include calories, fat, etc if you want to go ahead. This is just meant to get you aware of what you are eating. You should somewhat be able to know what foods are nutritious and what ones are not.

Here are a few essential rules to get you started.

Diet lifestyle – Rule #1: Read food labels. Everything you need to know about your food is on the label. It lists all the nutritional information and the ingredients. The highest ingredient in that food is the first ingredient and it goes in descending order.

Diet lifestyle – Rule #2: Sugar is not your friend. Sugar is the enemy and it is lurking in even the sneakiest spots to push your diet off track. There isn’t much benefit to sugar and our diets only need a very very small amount; no more than 40 grams per day. Consuming too much of this (sometimes deadly ingredient) can cause weight gain, diabetes, and even addiction. Stay clear of sugar and even its chemical substitutes.

Diet lifestyle – Rule #3: Avoid processed foods as much as you can. This includes pretty much anything in a bag or in a box, or that you get from a fast food restaurant. You should start using fresh ingredients found in the produce and meat sections of your supermarket to put together a meal. I did say baby steps so start small. There are many internet resources that will help you make a quick and easy, but most importantly, healthy meal.

Diet lifestyle –  Rule #4: Cook most of your meals. This rule touches on the rule above. It’s good to get into the habit of cooking your food so you can portion control and know exactly what and how much you are putting into your dish.

Diet lifestyle – Rule #5: Plan your meals before. This is one of the last steps in perfecting your diet. Once you’re comfortable with eating healthy you can pick a day (Sunday is a very popular meal prep day) and cook all the healthy dishes you will eat for the week. This makes it more convenient to eat healthily: just reheat at home or work and enjoy!

It’s important to build on the basics by becoming aware of what you are eating. As you become more aware you will understand food labels and learn how to avoid harmful ingredients, like sugar and preservatives in processed foods. Cooking most of your meals will suddenly become a breeze and then finally, planning and preparing your meals for the week in advance will be a fun, positive ritual.

Positive Lifestyle Habits

Everyone loves to get out and cut loose once in awhile. Indulging in a rich dinner or spending a night out drinking and dancing never hurt anyone, unless it’s all the time. If you want to see your results and feel healthy and vibrant, then incorporating positive life habits is a must. We’ve included a short but vital list of some healthy habits you need to start now.


Diet lifestyle –  Tip #1: Drink enough water! Your body is made up mostly of water, so it’s important you hydrate. It may sound silly, but find a water bottle you enjoy drinking out of. Maybe it’s the shape, color, material or way you drink out of it, that doesn’t matter as long as you find yourself reaching for and enjoying that delicious H2O.

Diet lifestyle – Tip #2: Get adequate sleep. Your body needs to rest and rebuild, especially if you have a regular gym routine and/or hectic life. When your body gets all the rest it needs your immune system is strong, your energy is high and your muscles regenerate faster.

Diet lifestyle – Tip #3: Having a morning ritual. The morning will set the tone for your day so it’s important to have a positive morning ritual. Take even 5 minutes to yourself (but more is better). Say a positive mantra to yourself as soon as you wake up, meditate, do a quick yoga practice or make a tea and reflect, but always incorporate a healthy breakfast into whatever routine you choose.

Diet lifestyle – Tip #4: Workout the same time every day. Some people like working out first thing in the morning and others like to unwind at the gym after a long day of work. No matter what time of the day, try to keep it consistent each day. This will help you keep up your routine and not miss any workouts.

By incorporating a proper diet, a regular and effective exercise routine, as well as positive life habits, you will not only see your physical results improve, but you’ll notice other benefits like a better outlook on life, more energy and better relationships with the people around you. Cultivating a wholesome routine in every aspect of your life promises positive results in almost everything you do.